005 – TPP & Country of Origin Labeling

005 – TPP & Country of Origin Labeling

“The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode 005 – TPP & Country of Origin Labeling”

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In this episode Rob explains the complexities of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), what countries it affects and why it’s good/bad.

Then we talk about country of origin labeling, who actually cares about it and why it matters.

FEEDBACK REQUESTED: we want to know what your experience has been – do you care about country of origin when it comes to your beef? If so why? What information are you getting from that label?

Ranchers/Farmers – how would country of labeling affect you?

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  1. Just listening to this great conversation- good on you both for tackling TPP. To your question on how do we know if imported products are safe and up to the importing countries standards- I used to work in the beef industry in Canada and we would have countries who wanted to import our beef coming to us to confirm our testing and food safety processes are up to their food safety standards. In some cases, they would certify a specific packing plant which would then be the only one that could export to that country. As well there is always testing of samples of anything being imported…so the processes have been approved and then checks are in place to ensure the actual product is safe. This happens across our border too.

    From my perspective TPP is not just about food. In Canada we are a Pacific bordering country that makes more food than we can eat so export much of what we grow and need to import other goods that we don’t produce or food we can’t grow…which is why trade is so complex. It is never about just one commodity or product- which Rob discussed. Again full credit to you guys for tackling this one!!

  2. Me again!! The reason you import beef is because you basically can’t make enough for your demand. The mCOOL is a protectionist measure that is meant to reduce competition to US product…beef, Pork etc. Those in your industry tasked with implementing it- packing plants- and your National Cattle Beef Assoc were all opposed to it- as was the World Trade Organization.

    But as in my comment above – any food imported into your country is subject to the same standards as food raised domestically. So whether it’s labeled or not, if it’s on your store shelves it is safe to eat. I buy Canadian when I can to support my agriculture industry and understand when others wish to do the same- and also when price dictates that choice instead.

  3. Great comments Annemarie. I just wanted to touch on the case of mad cow we had here in Canada. As per trade agreements the border was closed to all Canadian Beef that very day. Since we were not able to export any beef the prices plummeted. It took years to prove the safety of our products and get trade established again. This goes to show how important trade is in North American where we are net exporters.

    FYI Canada exports over 300,000 tons of beef to the US annually.

  4. I as a farmer and mainly a cattle guy, I enjoyed listening mainly to the TPP and COOL discussion. My feelings on it differ a little because like you said, all we ever hear as farmers is that X country wants American beef, pork, grain etc. But when we have tried to label or progress the “American” brand we have gotten push back from packers and distributers about cost they incur. In an environment in US right now where there is a big push for labeling on everything cause of either the mom effect or the “hippies”. Whether it’s non-GMO, organic, grass fed etc etc they tell us that’s what they want here too. Granted the US had to abide by rules of the WTO in dealing with COOL, I am in favor of the labeling if it helps us in any way of opening up exports to countries that say they want our brand. I am one to believe that if we are as great a nation the way we produce so much so proficiently and our safety measures are way ahead of others why can’t we be rewarded with that stamp on the label that says USA. Thank you for your time and for putting out your podcast to get perspective from others involved in this great way of life we enjoy.

  5. Thank you. Trade is always on my radar, but props to Carrie… this was her idea.

  6. Is Canada exporting beef to Canada…. google wont tell me

  7. COOL was on of the best discussion I’ve ever heard on the Farm Bureau floor.

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