010 – Shopping Preferences & Food Deserts

010 – Shopping Preferences & Food Deserts

“The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode 010 – Shopping Preferences & Food Deserts”

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In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about why people shop at the grocery store they do. What factors in their preferred habits.

And then they chat about food deserts what they are, where they are and what programs are out there combating them.


  • Farmers: Are you involved in urban food distribution hubs? If so what are they?
  • Consumers: Do you know people affected by food deserts? Do you live in one – if so how do you handle it?

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  1. Rob,
    I didn’t hear you say anything about canning. I realize this is not technically groceries, but it does change my grocery list. We grow are own small garden. We have fruit bushes and trees. So I can all of are green beans, tomatoes, apples and other fruit. We normally have enough till the next growing season. We still have spagetti sauce, salsa, tomato juice, applesauce about 7 different varieties of jam. I do not enjoy canned corn so we freeze the corn, peppers and onions. Just something I thought I would add to your conversation. Also I am a hyvee shopper. I will be loyal to them as long as they continue to offer the customer service they currently have. I make up for the price differences with the fuel saver card. We never pay full price for gas. The phone app is the best creation for someone who has to shop with a list. I can make a list, map it and send it to Pat if I need him to stop or get the groceries for me, which is always a bad idea because he tends to purchase things not on my list. We also live in a Amish community so we can purchase have lots of spices and fresh goodies from them. I enjoyed your pod cast greatly today on my one and only snow day of the school year. Lol have a great day and I will be listening again. P.S. My favorite desert is the new york cheesecake with rhubarb jam on the top. P.S.S. put your beautiful wife’s groceries away for her more often.
    Just so you know Amazon Prime does have a Prime market. You can buy household goods, dry groceries and almost all of your cleaning supplies. If you watch the deals you can normally get free shipping.

  2. Y’all are tripping me out. You should totally be proud of getting fired from Walmart, Rob. That’s awesome. And our Pig doesn’t have a pharmacy or a restaurant either, Carrie. I go because it’s close and the cashier is sweet and remembers my name. I’m so easy to win over. And they do have good meat! I also detest Wal-Mart and only go when it just makes sense to go because it will save me 5 trips to other stores. Our Aldi is closed for reno right now. TRUE STORY – the first time I went in Aldi I was so freaked out about the difference in a regular store, I put things in my cart and then went around and put it all back and left. I may or may not have issues. But after I gained up nerve to try it again, I fell in love with it. I actually find their brand of stuff to taste better than a lot of name brand stuff. So weird. But the 25 min. drive is the kicker. And I would totally love to see a “Schnooks” – (spelling?). Any grocery store with a name like that has to be a winner. 😛 No true food deserts here – but I do live in an internet/cell desert. Another episode? 😛 Keep up the good work, y’all! Thanks for making me smile this morning…and keeping me from doing work I needed to do for the last hour. Haha. 🙂

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