How To Subscribe to The Podcast

How To Subscribe to The Podcast

Podcasts are on-demand talk shows, similar to AM radio talk shows.

Conveniently, you can use a podcast player just like your DVR. You set up a series recording (via iTunes or Stitcher Radio). You then decide to stream each episode as you have time, or download automatically when wifi is available, so you can listen at any time, without needing a data connection.

They are the only multitasking form of entertainment, news and education, with a podcast in any niche or genre.

While listening to a podcast like The Farmer And The City Girl you can drive to work, go for a jog, feed the cows, or shop at the mall. You don’t need to give it your full attention, like you do a video or a book.

It’s truly hands free.

Think podcasts are only for millennials? According to statistics, 63 % of all podcast listeners in the US are 35+!

Do you know someone who loves AM radio? Someone who loves a good talk show? Be sure to tell them what a podcast is, share this post, you’ll be enhancing their life.

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