Meet Carrie

A Wisconsin native, IT Professional Carrie Zylka lives in a condo and works in downtown Milwaukee.

When she’s not traveling, interviewing adventure seekers or launching new podcast endeavors, you can find her somewhere outside.

She’s an avid outdoorsman and feels her greatest accomplishment is successfully converting her husband into a fisherman and tent camper. Married in 2013 and sharing a love of travel, they blog together at

Current Projects:

HuntFishTravel Podcast 

The podcast was born out of a need to stand out in a male dominated industry. In 2012 Carrie launched the first and longest running female hosted hunting podcast.

The HuntFishTravel Podcast and the Wild World of CarrieZ blog have both gone on to win several awards.

A Creative Mind Fiction Podcast

As a writer with more than 200 podcast episodes published, 100+ shorts stories, 6 novels (3 that are actually completed and 3 she just pretends are done) and more than 1,000 articles written, she decided to combine her love of words with her love of audio.

Trading Monday’s with her co-host Alice Nelson, ACM provides unique, entertaining 5-10 minutes stories.

Meet Carrie at these upcoming events: